Sing with a Group – It’s good for your Health!

Sing with a Group – It’s good for your Health!

It’s long been known that singing as part of a group is good for your well-being! Batt-Rawden and Anderson (2019), Gick (2011), and Judd and Pooley (2014) are just some papers that evidence the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being that members enjoy including close social alliances and bonds between members, reduced stress, improved mood, improved personal growth, increased self-acceptance, cognitive stimulation, and even transcendence experiences.  However, despite these published findings, being a member of a community singing group is not considered an accepted form of therapy.

Physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being

Densley & Andrews (2021)

This puzzled the authors of a recent paper, one of which was consistently witnessing these well-being benefits within group singing sessions that she regularly conducted, in Geelong Australia. For this reason, Belinda Densley, together with Katrina Andrews, set out to examine WHY community singing groups are so good for our wellbeing. Using accepted research methods, Densley and Andrews (2021) found that members of community singing groups report benefits such as enhanced sense of self, uplifting experience meaningful camaraderie, and experiencing sanctuary for self.

It was argued by Densley and Andrews (2021) that these findings indicate the community group singing can be experienced as enormously beneficial for your mental health!

So what are you waiting for?  Join a singing group….its good for your health!

Fredy Cifuentes
Author: Fredy Cifuentes