About Us

Our Vision

We strive to be the most inclusive community entity that provides essential resources and opportunities to promote sustainability in who we are and what we do.​

Our Mission

We uphold our valued members who provide mental welling support to our community members in need, using counselling related skills. Regardless of their profession, education, or years of experience, if our members support the community, we support them


Join us in continuing to strengthen Australia’s community and counselling association.

The Australian Community Counselling Association is committed to the ongoing of professional development and industry growth of the counselling sector.

The Australian Community Counselling Association is governed by voluntary Board members representing the various levels of the community and counselling industry. With each member passionate about working in the community and maintaining the ethical practice needed to provide therapeutic support to clients.

The ACCA is dedicated to seeing real change happen in our communities and seeks to enlist the support of individuals and community groups across Australia to help build a strong grassroots movement of caring focused community and counsellors who wish to help their respective local communities.



Individual Membership in the Association is a simple process. From 1 September 2020, there have been some small changes to new and renewing member applications.

  • Student Membership
  • Affiliate Membership
  • Full Membership

Clinical Supervision

The Australian Community Counselling Association provides access to group and individual clinical supervision sessions online through our ACCA Connect member’s only portal.

  • Individual Supervision
  • Group Supervision
  • Reflect and experience growth within your practice

Professional Development

Professional development is all about providing a training and development plan that identifies suitable opportunities for you and your staff to broaden your knowledge base.

  • Build confidence and credibility
  • Develop Your Skills
  • Keeps You Up To Date
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Our Team

Melissa Bennett


David Sweeney

Vice President

Mary-Kate Nibbs

Treasurer of Board

Wendy Bonnarens

ACCA Board Support