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Join us in continuing to strengthen Australia’s community and counselling association.

The Australian Community Counsellors Association (ACCA) is an inclusive professional association that prides itself in supporting those employed in roles aimed at promoting wellness and wellbeing services to community members using counselling related skills.  Our members are counsellors, mental health nurses, mental health support workers, disability support workers, guidance officer, general nurses, art therapists, and community service workers. 

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What We Offer For Growth

Individual Supervision. The Australian Community Counselling Association provides access to group and individual clinical supervision sessions. As well as ongoing Profesional Development.

Individual Supervision

Supervision offers an opportunity to reflect and experience growth within your practice.

Group Supervision

Supervision offers an opportunity to reflect and experience growth within your practice one on one with a clinical supervisor.

Professional Development

ACCA, in partnership with Australis College, are proud to be able to offer its members free access to over 150 accredited and non-accredited formal short courses.

Student Membership

$ 80 Annually
  • A person may be admitted as a student member if they are undertaking training in Counselling or Psycho

Affiliate Membership

$ 100 Annually
  • A member at this level has professional training and qualifications and is employed using counselling skills but does not otherwise meet the criteria for full membership.

Full Membership

$ 240 Annually
  • A full member meets the criteria for Associate membership and is currently a practising counsellor. As a practising counsellor, these professionals have liability and indemnity insurance and a supervision contract.

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The ACCA is dedicated to seeing real change happen in our communities and seeks to enlist the support of individuals and community groups across Australia to help build a strong grassroots movement of caring focused community and counsellors who wish to help their respective local communities.

Melissa Bennett


David Sweeney

Vice President