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About ACCA

Strengthening Australia's Community-Based Counselling

The Australian Community Counselling Association is committed to the ongoing of professional development and industry growth of the counselling sector. A recent change in board has seen the Australian Community Counselling Association move back to be based in QLD.



Student Membership

A person may be admitted as a student member if they are undertaking training in Counselling or Psychotherapy.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members have completed an approved training course in counselling or psychotherapy and are actively seeking employment as a counsellor or psychotherapist.

Full Membership

A full member meets the criteria for Associate membership and is currently practising as a counsellor.

Professional and Clinical Supervision

Individual Supervision
Group Supervision

ACCA Recognised RTO

The following training organisations have applied and attained recognition for the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling by the ACCA Board. They have demonstrated the quality of their course and the training provided which in turn ensures graduates will be able to apply for full membership.