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Become an Affiliated Education Provider

The counselling industry is an ever-changing industry, aiming to meet the needs of clients and the community. Therefore, it is important that Tertiary studies, VET studies and accredited training programs effectively prepare students to these needs and the changing industry.

The Australian Community Counselling Association Training Standards are developed to ensure that tertiary institutions, VET studies and accredited training programs are developed, implemented and evaluated in line with industry standards and allow the opportunity for students to learn and develop the skills and knowledge required to practice counselling effectively.

Australian Community Counselling Association aims to promote consistent quality and standards in teaching, learning and assessments. Accreditation of courses with the Australian Community Counselling Association is a voluntary process that the Australian Community Counselling Association extends to tertiary, VET and accredited training programs to recognise the quality of counselling training provided by the service provider.

Applications for endorsement of VET accredited courses are required to complete an application form, providing information on the ten (10) areas listed below :

  • Information about the organisation
  • Application Questions
  • Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)
  • Student Handbook
  • Assessment materials for CHCCCSL001 – Establish and confirm the counselling relationship
  • Assessment materials for CHCCSL006 – Select and use counselling therapies
  • Assessment materials for CHCLEG001 – Work legally and ethically
  • Assessment materials for CHCDIV002 – Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
  • Training and Assessor profiles of staff training and assessing this course
  • Recent Accreditation Report from ASQA

Accreditation with the Australian Community Counselling Association is for a two (2) year period from the notice of the result of the application.

Fees are:

Application fee – $50

Initial accreditation – $600 (2 years)

Renewal accreditation – $400 (2 years)

Your organisation will be listed as an affiliated and preferred training organisation.


Start the application process today

Please note:
Fees are current as January 2018, and are subject to change.
The application fee is non-refundable
Renewal accreditation may not be available if:
> There are significant changes to the training package
> The organisation’s registration period expires within the two (2) year period
De-registration will occur automatically if there are any significant/major non-compliance breaches identified by ASQA. A refund will not be available.