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Photo of Mary-Kate Reid

Mary-Kate Reid

Mary-Kate Counselling Ph: 0466892777 Website: TBA Email: mary-kate@mkcounselling.infoRead More

I offer a service with empathy and understanding of what my clients are going through. I have a Diploma of Counselling and Diploma of Mental Health, over the past years I have found a passion with helping those with complexed mental health issues, anxiety and personality disorders. I have gained a positive relationship with local GP’s, the local hospital’s Mental Health nurse navigator, and other working professionals. 

I have a passion for helping people who are in need of help. I have completed extra professional development courses so I can stay current in this forever changing industry including suicide prevention and DFV.

The service I provide is eclectic, it is a mixture of theorists and counselling models. I gauge it on the person and how they are at the time, this is because each person responds differently to counselling and to the Counsellor.   

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65 Blackstone Rd Eastern Heights Brisbane QLD 4305 Australia

Photo of Mr David GC Sweeney

Mr David GC Sweeney

Salvage Counselling Ph: 0402643112 Website: salvagecouncelling.com.au Email: salvagec@outlook.comRead More

I am a trained counsellor, with experience working with people of all ages, issues, and diversities.  My counselling is influenced by Person Centred and Gestalt frameworks, ensuring your unique personhood is recognised, respected, and actuated.  I have a particular interest in working with trauma, anxiety, and relationships. 

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The Boulevard 17 Limestone Street Ipswich QLD 4305 Australia