What's Involved

Individual Membership in the Association is a simple process.

We require the submission of:

  • Authenticated counselling qualifications

  • Letterheads or other proofs demonstrating current practice

  • A recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor or peer supervisor if the applicant has a 4 year degree in counselling related disciplines

  • A letter of application

Students may join the association with a letter outlining their current study program and a copy of the letter of offer into the training institution or other reasonable verifications of the current study.

The ACCA will, in turn, provide support to members through:

  • Monthly newsletters with articles on various topics of counselling

  • Professional Development opportunities through Member portal

  • Member’s only forum to connect with other members

  • Subsidised online supervision (group or individual supervision available)


Cost: $50/year

 A person may be admitted as a student member if they are undertaking training in Counselling or Psychotherapy.


Cost: $80/year

A member at this level has professional training and qualifications and is employed using counselling skills but does not otherwise meet the criteria for full membership. Affiliate members have completed an approved training course in counselling or psychotherapy and are actively seeking employment as a counsellor or psychotherapist. These members must abide by the ethical commitments and practice within the framework set out by the Australian Community Counselling Association. This member may also be retired from professional practice, be a not-for-profit body corporate or an incorporated association


Cost: $100/year

A full member meets the criteria for Associate membership and is currently a practising counsellor. As a practising counsellor, these professionals have liability and indemnity insurance and a supervision contract. As part of the eligibility criteria, you will need to:

-Participate in a minimum of four (4) supervision sessions (this can be your own supervisor or through ACCA supervision – group or individual

-Completed 6 out of 12 of the Professional Development courses provided by ACCA