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Exploring ‘Art as Therapy’ and ‘Art in Therapy’

by Leigh Burrows (PhD) What is art therapy? An exploration of the terms ‘art as therapy’ and ‘art in therapy’ and their significance in my learning about art therapy so far. As I began this educational and clinical art therapy certificate course, I was intrigued to read about art therapy largely falling into two broad

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Do you know your Ethics?

Our ACCA members are professionals in the community who support community members with their mental health and wellbeing, using their unique skillset to do so.  Some of our registered members support community members using their professional counselling skills. Other registered members support community members by supporting them with their physical health needs, or case management

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Sing with a Group – It’s good for your Health!

It’s long been known that singing as part of a group is good for your well-being! Batt-Rawden and Anderson (2019), Gick (2011), and Judd and Pooley (2014) are just some papers that evidence the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being that members enjoy including close social alliances and bonds between members, reduced stress, improved mood,

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